MATERBEAMPATER is an ingenious children’s book jam-packed with humour, morals and vibrant characters:

Rita Adewole

Edward Bang the unfortunate boy who has mash potatoes for head and sausages for hair. (Bangers is the word)

Grumpy Frumpy Poppy Brown who can’t manage a smile and whenever she walks down town even the birds fall all the way down.

Edward Bang
Poppy Brown

Beatrice Lefty Flunker who can’t eat without making a mess…..and she really didn’t mean to cut the girl’s fingers in a beat.

Alias Nutter who can’t help but rob the whole town of their nuts…..and yes the mouse came by but he didn’t share.

And Mama’s Milly who is on the run again. Will mama catch her this time and give her a darn good wash?

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